5 Oscar Moments I hope to see 2023

By Laura Crisp Davis - March 9, 2023
5 Oscar Moments I hope to see 2023

This Sunday is the 95th Academy Awards, which will hopefully be an inspiring, entertaining show. With Jimmy Kimmel hosting, it's highly likely the "slap incident" from last year will be a punch line through out the evening. I hope not. But it might be funny if he ends the show with one of those workplace safety signs, "The Oscars have been incident-free for 1 year."

Here are 5 moments I’m hoping to see:

1. Ke Huy Quan accepts Best Supporting Actor with, "Goonies Never Say Die!"

2. Jamie Lee Curtis accepts Best Supporting Actress and thanks all of us Halloween fans for supporting her for decades. You know she will!

3. A hilarious surprise appearance from Jim Carrey. Even better if this involves Wanda Sykes or Melissa McCarthy. (I wished for this last year, but alas.)

4. Brendan Fraser gets Best Actor. That's it. And yes, I'll need kleenex. If you don't get it, go watch "With Honors," "Blast From the Past," or "Encino Man." In all of those roles, the audience connects easily with him. There's something vulnerable in his eyes in every character. His performance in "The Whale" is not only profoundly moving, it showcases his natural ability to make us empathize with the character. 

5. I'd love to see EVERYTHING EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE win everything it's nominated for because I love The Daniels and Michelle Yeoh and I absolutely love this inspiring, weird, chaotic, wonderful, existential, profound piece of art. Is it me, or is it kind of compulsory to talk in run-on sentences about this movie?

I'm actually rooting for multiple people in the same category, because the nominees are all so good this year. And I'm especially happy to see so many first-timers, people over 50, people of color, women, and most of all people who've been overlooked in the past. Yay for the underdogs!

Enjoy the show everyone!

The 95th Academy Awards will be live on Sunday March 12 at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT on ABC and Youtube TV.



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