Screenwriters I Love: Sarah Polley

By Laura Crisp Davis - March 1, 2023
Screenwriters I Love: Sarah Polley

My 2023 #LauraAtTheMovies journey is a list of screenwriters I love and why they inspire me as a writer, script supervisor, competition juror, and fan.

Screenwriters:  Sarah Polley

Best Known For: Women Talking (2022), Stories We Tell (2012), Take This Waltz (2011)

Awards & Nominations: 

So far, 86 wins & 125 nominations, including for Best Adapted Screenplay (Women Talking). In the spirit of what's most important to Sarah, rather than list all of her amazing nominations and awards, I'd like to honor that she's an incredible political activist and I expect she'll continue to use her writing and directing skills to open our hearts and minds for many decades to come.

About the writer:  Sarah Polley was born into a show biz family and became a well-known child actor before  several tough life experiences pushed her toward writing and directing. She starred in the Canadian television series Avonlea. Unfortunately, at age 11, she lost her mother to cancer. 

Why I love their work: It is wholly evident in her writing and directing that she has had considerable experience in front of the camera as an actor, as well as deep personal loss. The dialogue is natural and funny in Take This Waltz. In Women Talking, her characters and character development are moving, captivating, and raw. 

When (not if) she wins the Oscar this year for her incredible work on Women Talking, that will be me jumping up and down in front of my TV!

IMDb link:  Sarah Polley

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