Screenwriters I Love: The Daniels

By Laura Crisp Davis - February 1, 2023
Screenwriters I Love: The Daniels

My 2023 #LauraAtTheMovies journey is a list of screenwriters I love and why they inspire me as a writer, competition juror, and fan.

Screenwriters: Daniel Kwan & Daniel Scheinert aka "The Daniels"

Best Known For: Everything Everywhere All At Once, Swiss Army Man.

Awards & Nominations: 

There are way, way, WAY too many to list, so here are the highlights: 

8 wins & 31 nominations 2016/2017 Swiss Army Man: TFCA Best First Feature, Sundance Directing (Drama), Sitges CIFF Best Feature, NIFFF Intl Critic's Award & Audience Award, BIFFF 7th Orbit Award, Americana Film Fest Audience Award for Best Film, literally dozens of film festival nominations.

200+ wins & 350+ nominations 2022/2023 Everything Everywhere All At Once: while I'm writing this it is still "award season." So far dozens and dozens of film festival, guild, and critic awards/nominations for writing, directing, editing, music, acting, cinematography, and more including Critics Choice, Independent Spirit, Golden Globes, BAFTA, and Oscars.

About the writers: The Daniels have collaborated for years on numerous short films, television episodes, and music videos for artists like Foster the People and Tenacious D, which gives them a distinctly artistic point-of-view both on the page and as directors.

Why I love their work: After I experienced the profound cinematic marvel of Everything Everywhere All At Once, I HAD to get my hands on the script! Trust me when I say The Daniels are the future of film. They absolutely inspire me to write memorable roles that actors can't wait to play and that audiences can't wait to be for Halloween. Serious goals. 

I have to be honest, I'd be seriously intimidated to script supervise one of their projects! (If you're not familiar with what a script supervisor does, we are the first and last line of defense for continuity. That means we do our best to ensure the scenes match--costumes, props, hair, makeup, camera angles, how actors say their lines, and much more--because the scenes are not shot in chronological order.) Holy-guacamole it would be a HUGE challenge to supervise continuity on one of The Daniels' films!

I can't wait to see what they do next! 

IMDb link: Dan Kwan  Daniel Scheinert

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