5 Oscar Moments I hope to see 2022

By Laura Crisp Davis - March 24, 2022
5 Oscar Moments I hope to see 2022

This Sunday is the 94th Academy Awards, which will hopefully be an entertaining, temporary distraction from current events.

Will I be posting my predicted winners? Nope.

Will I be live tweeting as in years past? Nope.

Why not? I’d rather watch all the red carpet fashion, oddball moments, and thank you speeches. I’m honestly rooting for all of the nominees because it’s big night and I really hope they all just enjoy the moment. I think it would be incredible to sit in a room surrounded by people I’ve only ever seen on screen. The only thing I can compare it to was the first time I visited Los Angeles for a screenwriter’s intensive and I met everyone I’d only ever seen on social media. It was really weird to see them in person versus their little profile pics. 

Here are 5 moments I’m hoping to see:

1. Wanda Sykes will get us to laugh at something no one else on that stage will dare say or do.

2. A heartfelt In Memoriam for Betty White. 

3. A surprise appearance from Jim Carrey, who will do something so hilarious we’ll be in tears. Even better if this involves Wanda Sykes.

4. One of those moments where the Oscar recipients are seated so far from the stage that they have to hitchhike to get there before the show’s over. I love it when this happens because they arrive breathless, stunned, and they thank specific people in a really endearing way.

5. Someone wears something really odd and outsider-y. As in, “Hey, I’m pretty sure I’ve got the Target version of that in the back of my closet.” Even better if I can find it in my Halloween stuff.

Enjoy the show everyone!

The 94th Academy Awards will be live on Sunday March 27 at 8 pm EDT/5 pm PDT on ABC.



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